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You Should Know More Than Your Coach

Launching a coaching business can be one of the most daunting endeavors for a new coach. Heck, launching a virtual business can make anyone downright crazy. Crazy thinking about what you don’t know, who will share their knowledge with you, and which decisions make sense for your business. How do you learn all that needs…

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Can I Take Much More?

Being a virtual assistant business owner can be challenging and fulfilling from one month to the next. At each stage in our business, different challenges arise. And each of these challenges presents an opportunity for us to grow, learn, or ignore the challenge. When you choose to grow and learn how to overcome or deal…

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Getting You Paid On Time

Do you know what the best part of each month is for me? Processing that invoice and getting paid on time! There is no greater feeling than having the trust and authority from my coaches to process their payments. That level of trust comes from the standards set at the beginning of the relationship. Plus,…

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coffee talk

Getting Your Work Done

You know how they say that ‘a woman’s work is never done’? Well, the same can be said for a virtual assistant. Not only do we manage our coach’s business, but we have our own business to run. Hmmm! So, who do you think helps us? How do you feel about asking for help from…

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Apply Your Business Standards

Developing your business standards will prevent clients from taking advantage of your good nature. Create your business operating standards so they are reasonable for you to maintain your business, make you available to work with your coach, and allow you to still function in your life. Don’t worry about being everything to everybody; just be…

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Money and bound hands

Build Your Product Funnel First

Have you ever felt anxious about maintaining a strong client base, hoping that they continue to work with you each month? Were you affected by the economy slump when your clients couldn’t afford your services? I know I was, and that was the moment when I vowed to protect my business from that uncertainty. I…

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on phone

Work with Coaches

When do coaches normally work and how do I set my hours? Coaches work a variety of schedules. I recommend setting your work hours to suit you and select your ideal coach based on that schedule. For example: I would say my office hours – the hours that I’m available to meet with my coaches…

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Ways to Support Your Coach

What type of support does a coach need? The best way to answer this question is to answer it for yourself. What does it take to manage your virtual assistance business? Coaches need the same systems and resources to build their virtual business as you do. The difference between the two is that you provide…

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Your Ideal Coach

How do I know if the coach is right for me? Let’s just get it out of the way – we want a coach who doesn’t think of us as an employee, okay. What else is there that would make a coach ideal for you to support? Being able to share that upfront and giving…

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Create WOW Moments

Any time that you are looking to attract business or generate leads, you need to think about what would appeal to your audience. It is so important that you focus on and identify your target market, your niche, or your demographics to find exactly the right customer for you and your business. Can you remember…

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