Have You Ever Heard a Smile?

Click here to listen to this article as featured on our ‘Take Five’ podcast series I live for the moments when I can help others smile. There’s just something invigorating about a smile, don’t you think! They say that people who smile regularly have low blood pressure — so smiling is healthy too. I wish…

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Red Rover

Red Rover! Red Rover! Come On Over

Do you remember playing Red Rover as a child? I did when we lived in Jefferson Park in Cambridge, MA eons ago. That game was one that not only tested your speed but your ability to stop on a dime. I remember how we laughed trying to get from one side of the courtyard to…

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If Nothing Changes It Stays the Same

Do you remember the defining moment in your life where you knew that if you didn’t make a change that you would go crazy? Then you had to decide what changes you were talking about. After you made the list, did you ball it up and say “Ah, that’s too much work. It’s not so…

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Come Off the Island

I know that one of the scariest places I have found myself was on a deserted island. Do you remember the TV series where a plane went down and a cast of characters had to fend for themselves on a remote island? Well, as individuals they quickly learned they had to pull together to survive.…

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New Year — New NAVAC

NAVAC Isn’t for Every VA Because We Are Different! I have found through many conversations with VAs in various stages of their business journey that they chase shiny objects because they believe it will help them do one of three things: Find new clients Make more money Save money Well, so have I!  n the…

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