Create WOW Moments


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Any time that you are looking to attract business or generate leads, you need to think about what would appeal to your audience. It is so important that you focus on and identify your target market, your niche, or your demographics to find exactly the right customer for you and your business.

Can you remember a time when a business went out of their way for you — that made it a memorable experience where you walked away saying, “Wow, I will absolutely be back?”

When creating your “WOW!” moments for your coach, I want you to think about what you would like that event or experience to produce for her. Is it something that you want her to be able to share with others? Is it to increase her loyalty to you? Is it something you can do every month?

One thing coaches could use more of is time. Coaches spend so much time giving of themselves, that when they turn around to look for someone to give them relief, there’s no one there. You could be that person for them. Maybe they need time to be off the phone. Maybe they need personal time. I’m telling you a lot of coaches need the time, and they need to know that it’s time to take a breath. Sometimes, the gift that I give them may be only 15 minutes, but it is 15 minutes to reflect on themselves.

Gifts That Will “WOW” Your Coach

Here is an example of a gift I gave one of my coaches. I invited her with, “Well, let’s just get together and have a cup of coffee – a virtual coffee break on the phone.” We got our headsets, and poured a cup of coffee, and we sat and just chatted for a few minutes. Then we moved on with the rest of the day. That little nugget of time was a true “Wow” moment. How important it was for my coach to see me as not only her VA, but as her friend. It’s a great way to build loyalty.

Here’s another example of a gift. I send my coaches a card every quarter telling them how much I appreciate them. Sending a card is above and beyond what I am expected to do. It is also above and beyond what other people would do. I try and think about ways that my coaches say “Wow! That was amazing”, and every time I send a gift or a card to a coach, they come back and say, “Wow! Thanks for thinking of me.”

Read up on the coaching industry that I’m introducing to you. Become a little more familiar with who these amazing coaches are — people who have overcome some life changing obstacles. They just want to share their story and help somebody else experience the same event. If you don’t know much about the coaching industry, that’s okay because there is more than enough information on the Web. I challenge each of you to just go and Google coaching or life coaching.

Lesson for You: Absolutely position yourself as not only a resource of information for your coach and their business, but also the industry of coaching. See yourself as the expert in an area of interest and fun in building your business.