Ways to Support Your Coach

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Click to listen to this podcast

What type of support does a coach need?

The best way to answer this question is to answer it for yourself. What does it take to manage your virtual assistance business? Coaches need the same systems and resources to build their virtual business as you do. The difference between the two is that you provide the support for both businesses. So, it’s easier to transfer your business building practices over into your coaches support program. Let’s look at a few of these comparable systems.

Business planning: Does your coach have at least a one-page business plan in place? An updated plan each year will be valuable in helping your coach schedule the sequence of events needed to meet their goals. This plan will also help you see where your assistance will be needed and for how long.

Marketing strategies: Does your coach have a marketing strategy or plan in place? How do they connect with their audience and how often? What parts of the business plan need a calendar of events for marketing before and after an event?

Client management: Does your coach use individual or group coaching programs? How many clients do they currently serve? How many do they want to serve? What client management tools are they currently using? Is there a better tool available that you know about? Does your coach have a Welcome Package for new clients? Does your coach offer Get Acquainted Calls for prospective clients?

Time management: How does your coach track and monitor her schedule? What web-based calendars does she use? When are her office hours? When are her coaching hours? When does she schedule her marketing and networking efforts? When does she take vacation? How much time does she give to her coaching clients per session and per month?

Agreements and Financials: Does your coach have agreements for each type of client? What are her financial standards and rates? How often does your coach want to get paid? What merchant account system does she use? Does your coach struggle with getting paid on time?

Communications: How does your coach like to keep in touch with you? How often does your coach want to meet with you for updates? Does your coach use flowery language or get straight to the point in email messages? Is your coach willing to talk to you on the phone in between meetings? What type of communication does your coach have with her clients in between sessions? How does your coach want you to communicate with her clients? Which social networks does she use to share information?

Event planning: How many networking events does your coach plan to attend each year? How many events does your coach plan on hosting each year? Will the events be virtual or in person? How much notice do you need to make reservations for venues and travel? Do you have the skills to manage the coordination of events?

Does your coach belong to the National Speakers Organization? If so, you could help them get prepared for the next conference or submit an application to be a guest speaker.

Product development: Does your coach have a product funnel that leads to passive income? How does she re-purpose her content to fill the funnel? What are her lead-generating activities? Which social networks does she use to promote her events?

Because most coaches are progressive thinkers, they may be open to making their information available so people can just download it. This avenue would generate buzz and interest in their business. There are other ways they can coach without physically being there. How could this be an opportunity for a “Wow!” moment?

Lesson for You: Can you see how building your VA business will benefit your coaches? Now, the challenge is to build your VA business while you are supporting your coach. Most times, we neglect our own business building activities because we are just plain tired. I challenge you to do this: schedule at least 1 hour a week to focus on building your business. Make an appointment with yourself each week, work on one of the business activities, and I promise you will reap rich rewards.