Toolkit 1-4

You Should Know More Than Your Coach

Launching a coaching business can be one of the most daunting endeavors for a new coach. Heck, launching a virtual business can make anyone downright crazy. Crazy thinking about what you don’t know, who will share their knowledge with you, and which decisions make sense for your business.
How do you learn all that needs to be done in managing your back office?

  • Do you rely on the strengths of others?
  • Can you trust yourself to delegate what you don’t know?
  • Do you feel you have to do it yourself so it gets done — at least done even if not right?

As virtual assistance business owners, can we not feel their pain? So, we want to be the solution and not an added problem, right? Right!

The best way for a VA to ease a coach’s anxiety and stress over launching their business is to have experience. That experience can come from personally launching your own VA business or learned along the way working with other coaches. Either way, having that ‘hands on’ experience is key. Knowing what type of support your coach will need BEFORE she asks for it will allow you to build credibility and be seen as a trusted advisor. Gone are the days when VAs are just the ‘worker bees’. Nope, today we have to assertive and knowledgeable in order to build lasting relationships with our coaches.